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What Dubai Has To Offer?

When you want to go for vacation, Dubai should be given top priority. The city may not have as many natural wonders as other tourism destinations around the world, but it has a lot to offer in terms of man-made wonders. From the tallest building in the world to artificial islands that form the map of the world, Dubai truly is a city borne of the creativity of the best minds in the world. With one of the busiest airports in the word and world-class sea ports, Dubai has a crafted a name for itself in the international market as a global business hub. The city has so much to offer to all visitors whether for business or pleasure.

Business in Dubai

Dubai city view at nightThere are two things that have forced Dubai to grow at the astonishing rate that it has over the last three decades. The first is the fact that oil reserves in the city will be exhausted in a couple of years. Since Dubai used to rely almost completely on oil revenue, diversification of the economy became more of a necessity than a choice. The second thing that has led to the quick growth and development is good leadership. After realizing that they will no longer have oil revenue when the oil wells dry-out, the leaders put in place a plan to reduce reliance on oil revenue by creating and developing other industries like tourism, retail and trade, international trade and real estate among others. Decades later, Dubai has become a global business center. Companies are migrating to Dubai because of tax friendly policies. Workers are also attracted to the city because there is no income tax wages. Real estate investors also get a lot of perks including tax free rental income and capital gains. These are some of the things that have led to the double-digit economic growth of Dubai over the last two decades.

Dubai is situated in a very strategic location – as far as international trade goes. The city links the east and the west. It also links these two parts of the world to Africa.

Millions of people travel to Dubai every year to do some shopping. The are dozens of world-class shopping malls that sell designer brands of clothing and accessories as well as factory outlets for some of the top electronic brands in the world. Goods are always sold at reduced prices in Dubai because of the conducive tax policies.

Dubai Tourism

Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa Tower

Leisure travelers normally analyze a tourism destination according to the type of attractions it has to offer, the available accommodation facilities, climate, culture, local laws and language spoken among other things. Dubai gets top marks with all these parameters. For instance, the city is sunny all year round, the climate is also hot throughout the year and the hotels are world-class. In fact, Dubai boasts the only 7-star hotel in the world – the Burj Al Arab. In terms of culture and local laws, Dubai scores very well. The Muslim city has a judicial system that accommodates non-Muslims, so only Muslims are subjected to the Sharia Law. The locals speak Arabic, but many of them can also speak some English. When it comes to attractions, Dubai has a lot to offer. The attractions range from the traditional Souks, Jumeirah Mosque tours, Desert safaris and the best shopping malls in the world to artificial islands and the tallest man-made structure in the world – the Burj Khalifa.

Regardless of where you are coming from, there are many international and local travel agencies that can make the necessary arrangements for your Dubai holidays. Alternatively, you can book your hotel room online, rent a car, find a flight to Dubai and process the visa on your own. Whatever your race, culture, gender, religion, class or age, you are always welcome to this progressive emirate known as Dubai.

Sports in Dubai

With billions of dollars from oil exports to spare, Dubai has invested in world class sporting facilities. These include Olympic-sized swimming pools and horse racing tracks among others. Every year, people from all over the world converge in city for the Dubai World Cup Carnival. Some of the largest bets have been placed in Dubai during these events. Some of the races are for invited guests only. The horse racing season in Dubai usually starts in November and ends in March the following year. If you are a horse racing fan, you may want to stay up to date with Dubai Racing Club’s news.

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