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Mauritius – One Of The Best Destinations In Africa

Mauritius is a small island located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The tropical island is 2000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa. It is a replica of an African travel destination. It is one of the greatest Africa’s destinations occupied by peaceful people. It is an example of true democracy in Africa with people of different races ranging from English, Indians, Chinese, and South Africans inhabit it.

The landscape is covered by great golf courses, luxurious resorts; beautiful beach bars and has the world’s best botanical gardens. The waters around Mauritius offer a variety of water sports. Other adventures include mountain trekking, bird watching, views of the old colonial capital, hunting, and viewing the world’s oldest horse racing tracks.

mauritius-islandThe island is surrounded by white sand beaches, which is surrounded by the stunning blue Indian Ocean. The white sand beaches harbor the luxurious resorts. The islands landscape contains breathtaking scenery and beautiful mountains to view. Mauritius is a tropical island hence the sunshine is around all year round. These factors make it difficult for one to be miserable when they pay a visit. For one to have a firsthand experience of democratic drive amongst the Mauritian people and enjoy the beautiful Mountains, plan a visit to Mauritius.

Sega_show_MauritiusThe good nightlife that is experienced around Mauritius is often due to the native Sega music (check it on YouTube). These songs inspire laughing and dancing around the beach resorts. Moreover, one can refresh with cool beverage, cold locally made beer called ice Phoenix, coke, and barbecue. They can also have Dorado, lobster, and prawns that are fresh from the sea. When one visits Mauritius, they should not just laze around the sandy beaches. There is a lot to view and experience apart from being around the beach.

port-louisFor participants who like viewing sites, Le Morne, Aapravasi Ghat, and Cultural Landscapes are examples of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Other sites, which can be viewed, include, the world’s oldest horseracing tracks situated at Champs de Mars, the Blue Penny Museum which is a rare stamp. One can also walk around with lion cubs at the Casela Wildlife Park. In Pamplemouses, there is one of the best botanical gardens. An important site that most tourists love to visit is capital of Port Louis, which was built during colonial rule.
It is very easy to move around these sites. There are various agencies or companies in Mauritius like Mauritours and White Sand Tours, that tour tourist around these interesting sites. One can also hire a car or pick a taxi and stick to it throughout your stay in the country.

Mauritius is also a cheap tourist destination. This is due to its cheap utility bills. For example, to rent a car for one month is around 350US dollars and one can live in a one bedroom flat and will only have to part with 320 US dollars for one month. This is much cheaper compared to other tourist destinations that offer the same kind of services.

get together mauritian foodThe foods in Mauritius are a mixture of Indian, European, and Chinese. Being a French colony means that there are plenty of French dishes available in the luxurious resorts. The foods range from popular tuna salad, bouillon, and daube. On the other hand, Indian workers who came to Mauritius brought along rougaille, chutney, making curries and pickles. These Indian cuisines are popular in exclusive Mauritian taste. The staple diet of the island is rice that was brought by Chinese migrants. They also brought along crispy squid and crispy chicken which is present in the Mauritian diet.

le-chateau-de-bel-ombre-mauritiusOne of the best restaurants is Le Chateau de Bel Ombre, which is located in the southern part of the island. There is a chance for one to try out the island dishes in an elegant setting. A thatched stone restaurant, Le Barachois, is a guesthouse that majorly specializes in lobster, crabs giant shrimps freshly caught from the sea. The restaurant changes its diet on a daily basis and meals are served on a wooden table to give a Mauritian experience.

Tourists can also indulge in activities such as deep-sea fishing and land sports. For example, there are several gold courses in the country. Golf du chateau is the best golf course on the island. Mountain trekking and water sports are also some of the activities, which the tourist can participate in. Plan your holidays to Mauritius and have a breath taking experience in one of the best tourist destination.